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Engaging Birth Doula


A Doula is a non-medically trained birth attendant, focussed on supporting the Mother through pregnancy, labour/birth and the postnatal period. 

A Doula’s support can take many different forms. It is educational and holistic in nature and relies on the tools (internal and external) the Mother will utilise during labour and birth.  It often has strong spiritual ties.  Doula support is focussed on the intentions a couple have for the birth of their baby and what matters most to them, as they welcome their precious new life into this world.

Engaging Birth Doula Service provides continuous support personalised to the client’s individual needs and wants.  A Doula is a present witness to the journey that is pregnancy, labour and birth.  This presence can be in the form of quiet observation, gentle support, firm reassurance and even strong encouragement (if required!).

In conjunction with the very practical support offered by a Doula (think wet washers, drink fetching, hand holding, brow wiping, bath filling, etc.) an integral aspect of Doula support is to educate couples throughout the journey on everything from pregnancy to labour to birth and then finally, new born care. 

Topics generally covered include but are not limited to:

  • Conscious pregnancy, birthing and parenting

  • The physiology of pregnancy and birth

  • Hormones involved throughout

  • Labour choices and preferences

  • Birth location choices/preferences/limitations

  • Labour and birth support tools

  • Massage techniques

  • Identification of support people and roles (if desired)

  • Education on Optimal Foetal Positioning (OFP)

  • Pain management options or preferences

  • Drug management options or preferences

  • Identification and solution of fears, obstacles, barriers to birthing

  • Relaxation, visualisation and affirmations

  • Post-natal support and referrals

  • Labour and birth debriefing and closure

Many studies have shown that the addition of a doula to a woman’s birth team can benefit the mother in numerous ways.

Women who had continuous support, especially from a doula, were more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and less likely to have any pain medication, epidurals vacuum or forceps-assisted births, C-sections, or negative feelings about childbirth.


Other benefits include:

  • Increased chance of a positive childbirth experience

  • higher breastfeeding success rate

  • better maternal self esteem

  • lower blood pressure during labour

  • less pain experienced


If interventions are medically necessary, a I can help support you emotionally so you can have a positive birth experience despite changes in your birth plan. I can also find ways to make medical input more natural in the midst of interventions.

Doula's do not advocate.  Doula's teach and empower you to advocate for yourself.  They will help you prepare for birth and ask the right questions during your birth. Nothing is more empowering then making informed choices for your family.

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