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Engaging Birth Doula

Engaging Birth Doula


I am a Mother. A Daughter. A Partner.

A hard worker.  An optimist.  An animal lover.

I have always held a strong belief about the ability women possess to birth a baby in a manner which is uniquely perfect for her, her body and her baby.  I truly believe, and fully trust, that empowered women possess the knowledge of their own body and baby that is absolutely second to none.

I engaged a Doula to assist with the birth of my third baby. In doing so, I found an outlet for my long-held beliefs.  I learnt an immeasurable amount about myself, my body, my choices and my place as a woman and mother through my Doula’s education.


It took patience and persistence (yep, I too was a little reserved about the whole Doula concept to begin with) to teach me more than I had learnt through two other pregnancies and births.  I was compelled to pass this along and to learn all I could to be able to gift this knowledge onto other woman. 


It was not a loud relentless urge that I followed blindly. It was a quiet gentle bubbling that intrigued me and repeatedly captured my attention. A well-considered path consisting of over 3 years of training, exploring, growing, doubts, practice, triumphs and finally graduation.



How many doulas does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. We don't actually change the light bulb. We encourage you to change your own lightbulb in the manner you feel is most appropriate for you. We can discuss with you different lightbulb changing methods and help you develop a plan for changing your lightbulb. We offer emotional support and encouragement during the entire process, from climbing the ladder to turning on the light switch to make sure the bulb works, we are there for you every step of the way. It's your lightbulb, your way.

Written by Sarah Honeycutt of Sweetland Doula and Birth Services

Engaging Birth Doula Service was born from my desire to support women to engage with their body, their baby and their very own birth journey.

I enjoy focussing on the practical, tangible assistance and education of the Doula role. Whilst the spiritual aspects of birth are intriguing and incredibly important for all to keep front of mind, I do not regard myself as a ‘spiritually focussed Doula’.  If spiritually focussed is what you crave then I am more than happy to recommend some of my incredible fellow Doulas’ whom excel in this field.

I aim to engage with women who want to make conscious decisions about their own birth journey. Decisions based on research, intentions, preferences, needs, wants and curiosities. I support women and their partners in a confident, secure, strong and gentle manner, whilst remaining honest and humble to the miracle that is pregnancy, birth and new life.

I love sharing and exploring the excitement and ecstasy (or perhaps apprehension and anxiety) that labour and birth can be.
























Doula – 2016 - Birth Yurt / Rising Vines Therapies

First Aid Certificate



International Institute for Complementary Therapists

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