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Engaging Birth Doula

Engaging Birth Doula


Doula Package

My Doula Package is aimed at parents seeking an Engaging Birth. 


I offer:

• An obligation free initial visit – a chance to get to know each other and ensure you will be comfortable with me as your Doula.  

• Three pre-natal appointments of approximately two hours each; in your home. The exact nature and content of each session are driven by the individual needs of each unique client.

• Labour support (maximum of twelve continuous hours*), and 

• Two post-natal appointments of approximately three hours in total.  

I am available for you to call, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby.

Cost $950.00 

*A back up Doula is available for labours that run longer than 12 hours, until I am able to return to you.

N.B. Discounted rates are offered to return clients.

Birth Education Sessions

I also offer Birth Education Sessions.


These sessions are perfect for birth planning information, massage techniques, positioning suggestions and partner support.

These sessions include:

• Two pre-natal appointments of approximately two hours each; in your home. 

Cost $300.00

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