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Engaging Birth Doula

“I felt really calm, in control and empowered going into labour – I had a really positive experience and attribute that to having Jess’ support in conjunction with my husbands.  We made a great team! Thank you! Having support during labor, having a second familiar face in the room, and knowing my preferences allowed me to remain calm and focussed. I appreciated you staying around after the birth to help me in the shower, get food/drinks and take photos, thanks.”

CW (Mother of one)

“I just wanted to say thank you for referring me to Jess for the birth of my daughter, she provided a constant and calming presence when I needed it most, and I would be very happy to recommend her to anyone.

I would have been much more unprepared and uncertain both before and during the birth without Jess’ care and expertise.  She informed me of options I wasn’t aware of and explained processes that I didn’t know about.  I looked for Jess during labor as she was always calm – this helped immensely.”

JC (Mother of two)

“Jess was very well prepared for each and every event that arose during our birthing experience.  She was a calming influence for my wife and gave me a confidential outlet to explain what was happening / about to happen through the birth.  I would definitely recommend Jess’ services to others.”

PR (Father of one)

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